Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Borat is banned in Russia

Russian's Federal Culture and Cinematography Agency ("Goskino") has banned Borat from russian movie theatres. According to officials, "this movie contains materials that some people may find humiliating or abusive". Only porn films were banned from theatres before.

This is what I expected for. Before you start to blame Russia for our anti-democratic behavior take a notion of just one thing. Russia is multicultural country. The mix of religions, nations and cultures is so complicated you can hardly imagine. And of course it's very hard to keep all this messy stuff from falling into chaos. Relationships between defferent religous groups are not peaceful, and that's a fact. Sometimes a very little thing can cause a big fight with bad consequences. Having all that in mind, there's only one wise decision - stop the potential threat as soon as it is possible.

Just think about it. Common Russian school. Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian and of course Kazakh students. And then the popular movie appears that says "Kazakh drink piss". Kazakh children quickly become social outcasts offended at every corner. What's next? Kazakh children fight back. Other children fight them too and the next day it's their parents' turn to fight. What do you think it is? Yes, massive conflict between ethnical groups.

Kazakh are presented here just for example. I think that Kazakh people are the most peaceful ethnical group in Russia (at least, they have the lowest criminal activity). But everyone's patience has it's limits.

Well, may be Borat is funny (actually I don't think so), but the fact is that his popularity (say money) comes from a bloody source. Borat is the next generation of terrorists.


nikolay / said...

Was it really banned? From what I know, they just decided not to show it after Goskino advised them not to.

Anyway, good riddance.

Grayscaler said...

Well, now it is clear that it was just an advice. It seems like the scandal around it was just for promotion.