Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Kindergarten problem

The last Russian baby boom was long ago in the early 80s. Then came perestroika, fall of Soviet Union and Boris Yeltsin. The country was in ruins, almost everyone except criminals were too poor. Child birth rate has significantly decreased. Kindergartens were empty and there was no perspective for them. Big part of them got closed. Now the buildings used earlier as kindergartens are used as offices or shops. But due to high oil prices Russian economic is now getting better, people are getting richer and the number of children born is increasing. And again it is a very big surprise for Russian government. Kondergartens are full, it is almost impossible to find a place for your child. And as always is Russia it is causing a great source of bribes for bureaucrats that have any affection on what kids will get their places at kindergartens. The amount of bribe now is too high for the majority of people.
There can be a way around it - non-government kindergartens. But... They are prohibited by the same bureaucrats.

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