Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Thank you for smoking" - In the Russian way

According to the recent research conducted at Arkhangelsk, 38% teenage boys and 28% teenage girls are smokers. It's amazing how tobacco compamies are receiving this amount of young customers even without television ads (that are illegal in Russia). Back to Soviet Union, a smoking kid was a kind of outcast or a misfit. Now it is "cool" to smoke.
The average age of death for the male population of Russian North is about 50 years. The generation that is dying today at this age is far more healthy than those smoking kids. What we will get in the near future? 40 years of life or less...

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Kyle Keeton said...

I smoked for 35 years Quit when I met my wife now. Price of cig. pack is too cheap in Russia. The y also aim the advertism to make kids think its cool.