Friday, November 10, 2006

The Next President of Russia?

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Our mayor Aleksander Donskoy has recently told journalists that he should become Vladimir Putin’s successor. Stop laughing! He is serious.

Donskoy is the FIRST one to claim his ambitions. His president’s program is aimed to further harden internal and foreign politics and to strengthen Putin’s “vertical of power” by eliminating the institute of mayor election. Government relationships with oligarchs would be even harder than now; he says that “Business talents of oligarchs are very helpful in Siberia”.

Now let me say something about our mayor’s person. He is 36 years old. Pretty young for Arkhangelsk’s mayor, his precedes were older than 50. He was the owner of the largest food trading network of Arkhangelsk, but now he has sold it for about 7 million dollars. I have to say that he is more active as a mayor than anyone before him. Others were just sitting on their asses letting the city slowly slide into destruction. The city is still almost there, we know that there’s almost nothing can be done about that, but at least we have an impression that there’s a hope 

Of course, no one really believes in President Donskoy, but his intentions have one good result – Arkhangelsk is in top Russian news almost for the first time since the block of flats explosion in 2004, where 89 people were killed.

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