Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Little Story to Start From

Summer at the Russian North is very short, no longer than 1 month. But this single month a year sometimes is extremely hot. When I say extremely, I certainly mean relatively hot, 30 degrees celsius is far-far beyond acceptable temperature for us, northern russians. This summer was just like that. We were suffering from heat, and that was terrifying.
Yes, the river is just beside the city. I can come out of my office and in 10 seconds I will be on the beach. Well, it is not as good as it seems. The river is very-very-very dirty. In fact, it is the river of poison. It is filled with toxic wastes from pulp-and-paper manufactures.
We were in terrible need for a place to cool our bodies down, and such a place appeared. It was a small wooden swimming pool with a liquid substance that looked like a clear water. It was standing on the beach, calling everyone to come in. But... it was empty. Almost no one ever came close to it. Why? The price for swimming was even more terrifying than the heat. The beutiful little pool stood their for all of the hot time, but two weeks later the weather became very cold and rainy. Good useful idea but complete financial disaster. There's one thing russian businessmen need to understand - they don't have to be that greedy.


CoStick said...

Привет, Дмитрий!
Я тоже пишу о России и тоже непопулярен. Давай обменяемся ссылками на блогах (желательно со списком новостей). Я не очень в этом петрю - если ты сделаешь для меня код ссылки на твой блог с последними постами, я с удовольствием его выложу.

Grayscaler said...

Хорошо, надо найти как сделать список последних постов. Давай почту, закину когда сделаю

Kyle Keeton said...

Business men are greedy the world over.