Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Russian Christmas Sale

Me and my wife are a little envy when we hear about Christmas sale in Europe or USA. Prices are so low, most of the merchandise is even cheaper than here in Russia, and of course the quality of the products sold is higher than here.
You might say "Poor Russians, how you live without Christmas sale?". You are wrong, we have a christmas sale. But as with all the things that we borrow from you, it is enriched with Russian colour.
Almost all of the december you can see a lot of billboards that say "New Year's 50% discount". Looks attractive. Let's vizit one of this sales. Wow! The price is 20% HIGHER than it was in November! Well, that is New Year's sale in Russia! Merchants know that demand is very high before the New Year and try to get more money. Not from larger amount of sales but from the higher prices. People would buy in any way, especially if it is said that "discount is 50 %".


Sadettin Koçak said...

Why don't you make a trip to Turkey and make shopping here, as we don't have Xmas here prices are always same in November and December :)

Grayscaler said...

Sadettin Koçak, good idea :) May be next year

Kyle Keeton said...


In America what they do is Raise the retail price at Xmas then give a discount price back to the original. It is all games to make you feel that you are getting a good deal. I enjoyed Russia at Xmas time. I thought the prices were ok, just have to shop away from the Bigger malls.


Annie said...

That is SO true, so I try to find gifts for my family & friends in summer - everything's cheaper, and there's a chance to find something nice.